EduLearn - WorkSpace Skills Planner (Corporate Workspace skills management software)


EduLearn WorkSpace Skills Planner is a software system used for the completetion of online Skills Planner documentation.


User Features:

  • Data saved remotely.
  • Autocomplete functionality for data already enterred.
  • Field instructions helping them fill the forms
  • Form status indicator (Tracks which forms are complete).
  • File uploads, allows for uploading documents that need to be attached, no more hand to hand couriers.
  • Feedback, commenting and notifications when documents are submitted and ?assessed? by the system/Administrators.
  • Resubmissions of previously filled forms.
  • Generate WSP in PDF

Administrator Features:

  • View submissions not submitted yet.
  • Comment and notification system.
  • Throughput report on Administrator activity.
  • Custom user rights to each part of the WSP process.
  • Assign WSP submissions to a specific administrator after handling it.
  • Clear "Workload Indicator"


The system uses the Intoweb Framework which includes anti-spamming, anti-illegal file uploading and anti-SQL injection and various other security techniques. The authorised company officers need to log into the system using a secure username and password in order to process information.

Web enabled

The EduLearn WorkSpace Skills Planner module can be incorporated with your website or Intranet to facilitate request management.

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