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EduAssess is an Assessment Management System that combines all kinds of question management:

Feature Summary

Develop and run online Exams, Assessments, Quizzes, Surveys, Website Assistants and Polls

  • Assess knowledge
  • Pre-testing and post-testing
  • Filter interview candidates
  • Virtually assist website visitors with interactive questions and dynamic responses
  • Performance appraisals
  • 180 and 360 degree surveys
  • Opinion polls
  • Client surveys
  • Market research
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Use question branching or piping to drill into weak areas or ask different questions based on student or participant responses
  • Drill into data to get powerful information via powerful reports

18 standard question types (and many more based on combinations of these and settings within questions)

  • Various question types such as Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Match the Columns, Fill in the Blank, Essay, Typing Accuracy, Hotspot, Multi-Step Hotspots, Simulation, Likert Scale, Multiple Choice Matrix, Multiple Response Matrix, Slider, Drag and Drop, True/False, Yes/No, Statement, Information
  • Depending on question type, set various options such as randomization, negative marking, time-limit, attempts allowed, feedback options, explanations, unmarked, etc.

Hierarchical structure

  • Create a hierarchical structure using folder and sub-folder logic to create a company Organogram or other logical structures to store content, courses, exams, libraries, staff / students / participants
  • Makes it easy to store and find resources such as courses, questions, exams and students / staff / participants later on

Content libraries for re-use purposes

  • Store content in libraries, for example create questions in question libraries to make it possible to link the questions to various courses, quizzes, exams etc without having to recreate the questions
  • Easily find content such as questions either by using the search tools provided, or go there directly because the content is stored in logical places

Website integration for asking questions and guiding users based on their answers to give a unique level of interactivity to a web site

  • Place a dynamic asynchronous frame or layer on a web site that looks like the web site in terms of colors and graphics. The frame or layer presents questions in the form of quick opinion polls or questions
  • Using a pre-built questionnaire, present questions to the web site visitor and based on the visitor's responses, either ask more questions or give recommendations on suitable products or services

Develop and run online e-learning

  • Create your own content for use in e-learning. This includes complete courses (TC), resource pages (TC), questions (TC and QC), quizzes (TC and QC), exams (QC), surveys (QC) etc.
  • Import SCORM compatible content such as ready-made e-learning courses and quizzes (TC)
  • Import Flash, PowerPoint, HTML, PDF or Word documents for use as a course or for use as a resource in courses or questions

Manage resources such as documents and multimedia

  • Courses and questions can use multimedia or other electronic resources which are stored and tracked using a built-in content management system
  • Manage users and students
  • Import or create administrators, authors, moderators, lab assistants, invigilators, lecturers, trainers, etc. using role based security and permissions
  • Assign or revoke permissions of users
  • Import or create students or participants for doing courses or writing exams, surveys, quizzes, etc.
  • Create Student Groups to manage students or participants in batches

Role-based security

  • Users with the required permissions can create custom roles with certain permissions attached to it
  • Users are assigned to roles to only have access to functionality allowed by the role

Audit Logs

  • Know exactly what happens in the system by tracking user actions such as content creation, modification and deletion
  • Draw reports for audit trail purposes

Encryption of sensitive data and intellectual property

  • Configure what you want to encrypt or not
  • Fine tune encryption strength for better performance or better security

Powerful and visual reporting, able to export to various formats such as HTML, Word Document, PDF, Excel and CSV

  • More than 15 reports to draw information on student progress, exam marks, course marks, question statistics, system status, problem areas, etc. (QC)
  • Use of graphs and other visual aids to represent information or draw attention

Exam and Course Scheduling

  • Using a powerful yet simple interface, easily schedule students or participants to do a course or write an exam for example
  • Set time lines for sending emails and/or SMS's as invitations and/or notifications

Invitations and reminders via emails and SMS's

  • Create templates for emails and SMS's for use in invitations and notifications
  • Invitations and reminders can be sent to the relevant people for booked or scheduled Courses, Exams, Surveys, etc.


Tracking of written exams, assessments and quizzes

  • Not everything can be done electronically, so the system allows trainers or lecturers to capture marks or learner progress for lecture based courses or written assignments, exams, etc. Management, scheduling, tracking and reporting can therefore be done for lecture based courses and written exams together with electronic courses and exams for examples

Optical Character Recognition support and bubble sheet marking

  • Exams, quizzes, surveys etc. could be printed out in a format where students or participants can indicate their answers on paper. These hard-copy documents can then be scanned and electronically marked by the system

Document Management of scanned written papers and assignments

  • Documents such as exam papers and assignments can be scanned and loaded into the system for future reference or audit purposes
  • Searches can be done on scanned documents via Optical Character Recognition functionality

Integration API

  • A simple Application Programming Interface for allowing other software developers to integrate their software into the system, for example integration to a Payroll system or an in-house Content Management System

Workflow management

  • The ability to manage the publication of content by allowing authors to create content and then submitting it for approval. A moderator will be notified and must approve the content before the content is published for use in courses or exams for example

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EduAssess assessment management system combines all kinds of question management including online exams and workflow management

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