Learner Management System to manage all learners details, payees, academic data, courses, schedules, bookings, payments, academic reports, timetables,  and security all online.  [MORE]

EduAssess is a powerful examination assessment system used to manage student assignments and assess students knowledge. Used in universities, colleges, and companies where employees need to be assessed. [MORE]

Classroom booking and scheduling system to manage all student bookings on short courses, and scheduling of classrooms and lecturers. [MORE]

EduLearn brings together Educational software such as e-Learning, e-Assessment and e-Content for universities and organisations to roll out training and assessments throughout their organisation. EduLearn also creates custom training content for organisations. Examination Software and LMS that beats all others.

Corporate Workspace skills management Student and Learnership management software Classroom and resource management

Companies using EduLearn:

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Empower your employees with EduSkill learner management systems, EduAssess assessment system and EduClass course material.

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